How to Make Slushee Slime

Slushee Slime. A slime with a satisfying crunch. Have you ever wondered how to create the popular fad?

How to Make Slushee Slime

Image from Etsy



  • PVA glue (clear glue is recommended)
  • Slime Activator (one tsp borax mixed with one cup hot water)
  • (optional) Food Coloring/Acrylic Paint/Glitter
  • Filler Beads
  • Bowl
  • Mixing Spoon

Steps to Making Fishbowl Slime:

Step 1: Pour your desired amount of PVA glue into a bowl.

Step 2: (optional) Add in food coloring, acrylic paint, etc. Mix.

Step 3: Add in your desired amount of filler beads. Mix.

Step 4: Add in Slime Activator little by little until it comes together and becomes Slushee Slime!

Step 5: Enjoy your satisfying slushee slime!


(this was copied and pasted from my friends’s and I’s old blog, so if you thought I copied someone, I didn’t)


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